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Wood Deck Maintenance

Over the years the popularity of decks has increased due to the fact that better wood treatments are being made to make wood much more durable. A well-kept deck can make your house stand out in the neighborhood, and one that’s not in good shape can be sore on the eyes. Some people enjoy using Redwood or Cedar on their decks because these woods contain natural preservatives, but the majority of decks are now made from pressure-treated pine.

Wood deck maintenance consists of three important steps and the first of these steps involves preparation and inspection. Regardless of what type of wood your deck is made of, the preparation process remains the same. The process begins with clearing the deck of all grills, furniture, pool toys, etc. At this time you should also cover up all fragile plants that cannot be moved out of the way. With everything cleared away and covered up you should then begin to sweep the deck free of debris. Lastly, inspect the deck for loose boards and nails that stick up and make any necessary repairs.

Cleaning and Sealing a Wood Deck

The second step requires you to give your deck a thorough cleaning. Read the directions that come with the cleaning solutions to find out if you must hose down your deck before cleaning. Also, be very cautious with nearby plants and grass because the cleaning solutions can seriously harm them, especially cleaners that contain bleach. Apply the solutions with a brush or broom or spray it on with a power washer under low pressure. Be sure to wait long enough after cleaning so that the chemicals can work their way into the wood. Lastly, rinse the deck thoroughly.

The last step requires you to seal your wood deck to protect against weather damage. During the sealing process, it is still very important that you cover up important items that could be damages by the sealant. Sealant can be brushed on, rolled on with a paint roller, or sprayed on. Keep in mind; if you decide to spray the sealant on your deck then you need to be sure that you are capable of controlling it. Spraying is by far the hardest to control.

Sealants come in a clear, wood-toned, semitransparent or solid/opaque. Some are water based and some are oil based formulas. Also, some sealants contain stain to tint the color of the deck and some contain ultra-violet sunlight protection to reduce the damaging effects of the sun. Your choice in sealant will depend on the type of wood you are working with, the color you desire most, and the level of protection you insist on having.

If you are one of the many homeowners that despise keeping up with regular maintenance, then you may want to consider some of the alternative deck materials. Several manufacturers make new decking materials that don't splinter and don't require painting or sealing. They are typically made of plastic or a composite of wood and plastic. The use of these materials is becoming increasingly popular. Up front they are more expensive than traditional wood decks, but over time they save you money because they don’t require the additional maintenance costs.

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