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Getting Quality Deck Plans

You're finally committed to building a deck in your backyard. You want room to entertain outdoors or relax after a long day. Choosing the right deck plans to suit your design and budget can take some time, but it can be well worth your trouble. The variety of decks--single, double, l-shaped, hot-tub, attached, or stand-alone--can be overwhelming.

It's good to start with your dream project and work from there. With the diversity of building materials and deck options, you won't have to sacrifice your plans to end up with a deck that offers utility and durability. Planning your deck is the most important step, aside from having it installed or built properly.

Sorting Through Deck Plans

There are plenty of deck plans available for free online and at home improvement stores. Leaf through home and garden magazines and visit showrooms for ideas. Here are some major considerations:

  • What functions do you plan for the deck? Will you need a dining table, barbecue, etc.?
  • Which materials best fit your outdoor décor, walls, and landscaping?
  • Which decorative touches do you want (posts, caps, flower boxes, benches, etc.)?
  • What dimensions (length, width and height) will fit the area you have for decking?
  • Are there buried utilities that will interfere with digging piers or footing holes?
  • Will your deck require electrical connections for lighting, outdoor heaters, or a hot tub?
  • Have you checked out building codes in your area to learn the regulations for adding a deck? Will you need a permit?
  • Will you have a free-standing deck or will you need to remove siding to attach it to your home?

You should get out the tape measure and walk the perimeter of your planned deck, charting the layout on graph paper. If you're having a professional create your deck plans, be sure to go over the range of deck materials, accessories, costs, and maintenance requirements based on your selections.

Deck Plans and Construction Considerations

Specifically, your deck plans should answer questions of how many footings and posts are required to build to the dimensions, what size beams are required to fit between the posts, what size and spacing is required for the joists, and how large should the deck boards be to complete the platform.

In plotting the overall contour of the deck it's important to include existing shade trees you hope to retain and how to shape the design.

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Designing a Deck

Designing a Deck
A deck is a popular home improvement that not only adds to the value of your home, but also provides an extra space for enjoying the outdoors. You'll want to carefully consider the design elements that go into your deck. You must think of a deck as a new addition to your house (like a room), one in which you are planning specific use of.

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Pressure Washing Your Deck

Pressure Washing Your Deck
The easiest, most effective way of cleaning dirty, grimy surfaces is with a pressure washer. They are specially designed to remove built-up mold, mildew, dirt and grime and to restore surfaces to like-new condition in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. Pressure washers come in a variety of styles, sizes and additional attachments that can be used for more than just cleaning your deck.

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Working With Deck Builders

Working With Deck Builders
Having a deck installed offers one perk that most home improvements don’t offer. Due to the fact that the addition is outside, you won’t have to interrupt your daily life to accommodate to the installation. You won’t have contractors and materials all over your house and you will not be losing electricity or water at any given point.

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